The Elliott Group is the Fastest Growing Sales Training Company in the World.

Founded by Andy and Jacqueline Elliott, The Elliott Group has been in business since 2011 teaching professionals to increase sales and maximize profits in any market.

They began working with sales professionals in the automotive industry by offering an array of products and services from in-store training, online training support, courses, and conferences.  

From beginner to advanced classes for sales consultants, service, finance, internet, business development, branding and lead generation, The Elliott Group’s sales training spread like wildfire and they began to own the training space in every industry. By using the most advanced closing techniques available based on customer satisfaction and retention, The Elliott Group lives by its core values and believes that a healthy mind, body, and spirit are key to any successful operation.


Our training teaches salespeople how to dominate selling and closing better than 20 year veterans regardless of skill, within a matter of days.

A Message From Our Founders

When we started The Elliott Group we wanted to build an environment that we couldn’t find anywhere else. We wanted place that we could have a family-like culture where we could have the freedom to use our hearts and also be business driven; Where negativity was cut by the root and cancer wasn’t spread.

We were told the task was impossible.

Today, we have proven not only by building our own team of likeminded individuals that share the same dream, we’ve also shown many companies how to model the same example.

What we’ve built is the missing piece to every business out there. If you can create a place that you don’t have to micromanage your staff and are wanting to grow as a team, the the battle is won.

We believe that true fulfillment comes by being the best you can be in every area in life —in business, family, health, relationships and believing in yourself!

We are thrilled to make an impact in this world and will work harder than anyone in order to bring out their true potential. We lead by example and never ask for anyone to do what we haven’t done ourselves. The key is investing in self education —Growing every day.

Andy & Jacqueline Elliott

Founders & Owners Of The Elliott Group


Our mission is to stretch you to become the best version of yourself.

Whether a sales person, leader or business owner, we teach you how to become the top 1% in your industry.

You can achieve everything in life you’ve ever wanted and you don’t need to risk your family, values, health or give up what you treasure most.

Traditionally in business we are taught quite the opposite. To run hard in business and give up everything else. We learned the hard way through a lot of pain and disappointment that’s it possible to have it all. We believe it’s all important and the only way achieve to sustainable success.

At The Elliott Group we equip you to become so skilled at your craft to be the best you can be.

We believe it starts physically, then mentally, and ends with business.

The question is, are you coachable? Can you be better?

After all, you spend way too much time working for you to not find fulfillment in it.

You have a level 10 opportunity. It’s our job to help you become level ten in business and raise you to the top 1%!


We pride ourselves in business and believe in surrounding ourselves with likeminded people who strive to get the most out of life. Our training teaches sales professionals and business owners how to dominate selling and also to build a business on a solid foundation. We focus on giving you all the tools necessary to dominate your competition. We believe in turning decades into days by removing “can’t” out of our vocabulary completely. Time and experience mean nothing when you have the heart to persevere by learning from those that aren’t afraid to say they’ve failed and made many mistakes. It’s time to grow and max out your potential and The Elliott Group will show you it’s possible!