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message from andy elliott:

I’ll be quick because I know you’re probably SUPER PUMPED to start growing your commission checks right away!

First, I want to congratulate you on getting off the “sidelines” and getting in the game!

While it may seem small taking action to look at training yourself is what separates you from 99% of the world. What I’ve found is that most people are one mindset shift away from having the life they have always dreamed of.

I want you to know what you are doing is HUGE.

Choosing to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is the “turning point” for your sales carrier that could set you up for your personal success like you’ve never experienced before…

You Are Choosing The Path To Build And Launch Your Sales Career Overnight…

...Which will ultimately lead you closer towards a thriving sales career... and help you achieve the life you want, the life you deserve.

A life where you get to spend more time selling cars. A life where everyone in the dealership looks up to you…

A life where you NEVER get asked how many appointments you have coming or have managers breathing down your neck... because you are the number one salesman.

Or being able to take your family on that vacation, out of the blue, without having to “put in the hours” to get “time off”...

Or What About All The Things You Dream About Doing But Just Don’t Have The Money...?

You know... those dreams you've always wanted but feel like they impossible to reach… the dreams you never thought you’d be able to reach...

Well now imagine looking up in six months with the fire in your eyes, feeling as if you could dominate everything in your path!.

By now you’re probably thinking:

“How can a silly lil’ course help break me free... and do what I love?”

And You're Not Wrong To Think This Way...

See, while the first step is to learn the fundamentals and introduce yourself to people...

The next step is to overcome objections that people will give you.

THAT’S where the magic really happens!

Because if you don’t know how to handle objections, it’s like going to trying to sell without knowing how to speak the native language…

It's virtually impossible to sell having word tracks tattooed on your hart to advance the sale. There’s a common misconception that sales will just “fall” into your lap like magic...The truth is you need to understand HOW to sell your customers…

In Other Words...

You Want Sales.

Which then begs the question: where do you start?

What should you spend your time & energy on to close sales?

The Presentation?

The Lot?

The Phone?

Service Drive?

Or the next list that will surely pop-up on your desk in the near future...?

It can feel overwhelming and confusing...

But It Doesn’t Have To Be.

That’s why, today, and while you’re on this page...

I want to give you my Advanced Overcoming Objections Course where I will guide you step-by-step on how to overcome EVERY objection covering all areas from start to finish in the process... and with a SPECIAL offer for you!

I’ll show you “behind-the-scenes” on exactly how I overcome every objection, and how I’ve trained thousands of other salesmen, which has allowed many of them to get the biggest commission checks they have ever received.

Then I’ll show you how to implement our easy-to-learn sales strategies... so that you can experience similar results!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get inside my

Advanced Overcoming

objections course:

Advanced Overcoming Objections

Become the best Closer ever with Advanced Overcoming Objections! Learn how to make more money, close big deals, and be an amazing communicator. Say goodbye to obstacles and hello to record-breaking success!

I Have A Few More Cars To Go Look At

get the confidence and tools needed to finally reach your goals. Get rid of any mental blocks, eliminate negative thinking, and become unstoppable on your journey towards success.

I Like The Car But The Miles Are Too High

streamline the complex inventory process so you can save time while maximizing profits. Put your Customer on the right car Every time without having to test drive every car on the lot!

I Need To Think About It

andy takes the guesswork out of achieving your car sales goals and helps you find consistency and success in no time.

We’re Not Buying Anything Today We Are Just Looking

learn how to make the customer your best friend in 2 minutes. all the techniques needed for fast and efficient selling. start seeing results immediately!

I Want My Dad To Look At The Car Before I Buy It

learn right qualifying questions to determine if you need a credit app or go straight to the test drive. no more wasting time!

We Aren’t Interested In Driving Until We Know The Price

learn the right questions to ask your customers to land them on the right vehicle Every time. no more spending hours on the lot Trying to fine the "perfect" vehicle.

I Need To Know What I’m Getting For My Trade-In Before I Do Anything

Imagine being able to give a customer an experience they’ll never forget, so they have to choose you over the competition.

It’s Getting Late, We Are Going To Come Back Tomorrow

learn andy's secrets to get your customers begging to Trade-in their car Every time & maximize profits.

I’m Going To Have To Get Back With You

learn how to present the numbers like a master closer while making it seem like the customers idea Every time.

I’m Not Buying Yet, This Is My First Stop

does your customer want to put zero money down, but you need cash down to make the deal work? your customers will be throwing money at you after you learn this...

My Bank Offers A Better Rate

are you just handing your customers the keys and saying thank you for your business? andy shows you haw to create a Memorable experience that will get you TONS of Referrals.

I’m Just Wasting Time, I’m Not Here To Buy

become deadly on the phone and set appointments that actually show!

And more...

“So, What’s My Investment?”

I’ll cut to the chase.

I'm going to give you my Advanced Overcoming Objection Course for $299, which is a steal in its own right when you think about it.

Considering that just one nugget from this training could light your sales carrier on FIRE, where you could be EARNING $1,000 or MORE a day...!

It happens more often than you realize.

However, because you are looking at training today, (which tells me you’re not someone that just “sits around” waiting for success to fall into their lap)...

When you pay the $299 to get my Advanced Overcoming Objection course today that's not all you'll get...

I want you to start SURGING your commission checks right away so you can begin to generate A STREAM of highly-qualified prospects, every single day, and in as little time as possible…

So I thought long and hard about what to charge.

I remember when I had no one to guide me when I got into sales… The feeling of being alone, always being yelled at, and I don’t want that for you.

We all got into sales to set ourself free. 

So after going back and forth in my head

I had a crazy idea…

I thought

“Why not just Train Them

LIVE ??!”

See, there’s A LOT of actionable content to take in when you get my Advanced Overcoming Objection Training...

So I created the BEST WAY to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to consume all the content...

And we came up with a great offer that I honestly think I need to get my head checked afterward... (because of how crazy it is)

Here’s how it works:

When you say “yes” and upgrade your life Today... I'm going to give you the Entire Advanced Overcoming Objection Course!!!

PLUS, I will ALSO throw in Unlimited Life-Time Access to ALL of my Elite Coaching Masterminds that I’ve recorded over the last 3 years that will turn you into a Sales Professional overnight which would have costed you $3,564 to be apart of every month... absolutely FREE!

That way you can feel safe knowing you can sell as MANY CARS as you’d like...

Now - this goes without saying, but this offer is NOT available anywhere outside of this page. 

That’s why if you’re here and you’re DETERMINED to “SURGE” your commission checks

Then I want you to secure this one time limited offer now before it’s to late

New Member One Time Offer

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‘Advanced Overcoming Objections’ Today…

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The “Advanced Overcoming Objections’ Course

Advanced Overcoming Objections Will Teach You:

  • Close Anybody, anytime, any place!

  • be 10 steps ahead of your customers at all times

  • never be afraid of an objection again

  • become the best closer in your dealership overnight

  • take control of every customer

  • turn any "no" into a "Yes"!

  • ​And much, much more...

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