"Use These Simple 'Proven' marketing strategies to get more leads, sales, and more cars on the road... no marketing experience required!"

"Lead Generation is what made me rich...it has more impact on how much money you make your dealership than anything else. without leads there are no sales"

-Andy Elliott

Staffed Events

We Come To your dealership and sell

A staffed event is the ultimate sales & gross profit generating event imaginable. we drop thousands of event mailers with the addition of digital marketing to produce hundreds of customers in a 6 or 9 day period. we send in a highly experienced Professionally trained sales team to assist in running the event. our sales team Integrates with your team and culture to create an elite sales force! these Events typically increase gross profits $1,000 - $2,000 per unit & increase sales volume exponetionally immediatly.

6 day events (Tuesday - saturday)

9 day events (Thursday - following saturday)

option 1: $25k upon reaching $25k & 25% of total gross profit

option 2: $0 upfront costs & 35% paid at end of sale

staff includes:

2 managers (team Leader & closer)

6-8 Licensed sales pros

direct mail marketing

hot in-market buyers

our cutting edge direct mail generates a response Unlike any other. tell us how many customers you want and we will set you up with the perfect Campaign.

  • home of the hand written letter & envelope with self-addresses stamp on Legal paper or dealer stationary. comes with business card.

  • famous stop making payments mailer

  • inventory buyback mailer

  • saturation prize offer mailer

facebook sales event

dominate social media

imagine 100,000 people seeing your ad. as they respond with buying interest our BDC sets the appointments you sell the cars. we Guarantee 100 verified appointments of pure buyers.

  • 100 Guaranteed verified appointments

  • 6 day sales event launched within 48 hours

  • our bDC department sets the appointments (works until 1am everyday)

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